Hilltop Renewal and Revitalization shares new housing and commercial space development progress along MLK Jr. Way. You'll see pictures of National Night Out Celebrations that took place in our Hilltop Neighborhood - lots of smiles, fun activities, and time to reconnect and be in community with one another. This issue also highlights the Hilltop Summer Splash & Block Party.


Korbett Mosesly, pictured in 2008, was the main force behind the new Hilltop Action Journal. At this time, the Journal is produced by HAC Board Members and Office Staff.

Read about 2nd Cycle Community Bike Shop and how they are using pedaling for community development. Check out the 2017 Streetfair success and how "Hub on the Hilltop" is in a nationwide film contest. Find out how HAC-Links provides Hilltop residents a chance to voice their opinion on street design for the Link Light Rail. Read about Boeing's $500,000 award to Tacoma Community House for a new building. Learn how exercise at People's Center boosts your brain power.

March - April Issue

Home in the Hilltop emphasizes community bonds we share with our everyday people, like Henry, Hilltop crochet teacher and street preacher. Find out about Tacoma's pop-up barber, Tre Wilkins, who gives out free haircuts to those experiencing homelessness. Read about Alberta J Canada Building's renovations and how Santa was seen in the Hilltop. See what is going on with tents and other temporary shelters in planting strips and who to reach out to with questions or concerns.

This issue shares Hilltop business, Manifesto Coffee and The Red Elm! Find out about the Cherry Blossom event and how Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards will host the State of the City. The Tacoma Link is coming to Hilltop - find out when contruction begins and the newly planned light rail route. Write253 shares poems and information about Louder than a Bomb, teen poetry festival. Take a look at the Tacoma Urban League and their male involvement program.

This special issue focuses on local businesses and the Hilltop Business Crawl. Find HAC on Instagram! ...and how the Crawl provided free social media marketing for participating businesses. Read the latest on the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension Project and how Forterra is setting the stage for future Hilltop developments by putting community first. Get the scoop behind many Hilltop business including The TSM Shop, The Fish House Cafe, Mr. MAC and Sam & Terry's Barbershop...and many more!

HAC celebrates Black History Month and collaborates with Evergreen State College Tacoma to share local Black History leaders with Hilltop. Read about Dr. Maxine Mimms, Dr. Joye Hardiman, Dr. Marcia Tate Arunga and other local leaders. Find out how Shiloh Baptist Church is using community planning to offset climate change and hear about their $50,000 Evergreen Options Grant for their Solar Project.

Read about what happened to the Hilltop Storefront Murals and why it's important to be 'Loyal to the Local'. See what happened at the HAC Summer Social and read about how a former Evergreen alumni provides a $1.5M donation to support student success programs. Find out about Read2Me's unique tutoring program and how many tons of trash were removed a the annual Hilltop Cleanup at Evergreen College Tacoma. You'll meet Bridget Demerson who has a special kind of kids' store called LaVonne's Room. 

Newspaper for Hilltop

by Matt Driscoll

AUGUST 22, 2016 09:19 AM, UPDATED AUGUST 24, 2016 11:53 AM

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

While you probably shouldn’t expect newsies in period attire to be slinging issues from the corner of South 11th Street and MLK Way, you can expect to see the debut installment of the Hilltop Action Journal hit the street this week. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for newspapers. Let the record reflect my bias. Still, for Hilltop, it’s an exciting, potentially important development.

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In this issue you'll find out what's going on at the People's Community Center and find information on a property tax relief program for seniors, and widows. Read about affordable housing, Bay Terrace Phase 2, coming to Hilltop and how to enter Write253's Writing Competition. Find out what we owe the next generation of teachers and about how The Red Elm designed the coffee shop with community in mind. Read how supporters are stepping up to aid anxious immigrants.

In this 1st edition of the Hilltop Action Journal, find out about HAC Monthly Community Meetings. Read about the People's Center Pool Grand Opening! Find out how United Way of Pierce County is partnering with Sound Outreach and Tacoma Goodwill to host the 1st two Centers for Strong Families. Read about the Tacoma Tool Library and their summer workshops. You'll read about good jobs and local hires along with  paid pre-apprenticeships training classes and opportunities.

HAC pays tribute to Kris Brannon - a champion for our community. Hilltop will miss his smile and kind spirit. Read about what's next for the Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension now at 75% completion. Get the scoop on the Hilltop Spring Crawl! Find out about the mega impact Church of the Living God has made to increase the quality of life for residents.

The Hilltop is changing - read how developers are leaning into community led development by asking for BIPOC in-put for the MLK Commercial Corridor. Find out about new HAC Board Member, Hunter Henderson, and read about the 'New' HBA. Get an update from the Hilltop Library Planning Committee and learn more about Home In Tacoma's New Housing Growth Vision for our neighborhoods.

This issue talks about speaking up so the Hilltop reflects community voice. You'll read about Living Stones Prison Ministry and an article on fighting back against senior abuse. Submission for the 2025 Vision Writing Competition are shared - all of them! You'll find out about tiny homes for the homeless and how more affordable housing is planned for the Hilltop. Grit City Baking is now on MLK Jr. Way and Sound Transit provides an update on its design process for Tacoma's Light Rail Line.

Read about the positive impacts of the Hilltop Business Crawl and an interview with Bill Johnson, Johnson's Candy Company, winner of the People's Choice Award! Find out the story behind how Love by the Slice came to the Hilltop, and keep up with housing developments MLK Senior Housing and Kōz on MLK Jr. Way. Metro Parks and Tacoma Public Library share community online resources.

Tacoma Community House celebrates their Aetna 2019 Voices of Health Award and Bates Technical College celebrates their 80th anniversary! Find out about Tacoma Recycle Reset and get an update on Hilltop Link construction. You'll read about what's up (and down) at People's Park and what the City and Metro Parks plans are for the closed community park. Read about the Hilltop Library Feasibility Study and a proposition to plave a microlibrary in People's Community Center.

The HILLTOP ACTION JOURNAL is a traditional community newspaper. We publish every other month with a variety of interesting and diverse content that helps connect residents with what is going on in the Hilltop community. Click the links to the left to read the paper!

"Want to be a writer or journalist? - you can be!"

With articles, stories, news and information about the Hilltop Area, the HILLTOP ACTION JOURNAL connects residents with an exciting new platform for community engagement that serves the increasingly diverse Hilltop community.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can advertise with the Journal. Standard rates for 1/4, 1/2, & full page ads are $50/100/200. We distribute over 5,000 copies through local schools, community meetings, anchor institutions, and over 50 local retail stores like Red Elm Cafe, Manifesto Coffee, and others.

We are always interested in working with other contributors, writings, advertisers and community members who would like to participate in some way. 

Hilltop Action Journal's 1st digital edition! Read about Earth Day 2020's focus on climate action and how you can get involved in the South Sound. Covid-19 hits the Hilltop - find resource links for you and your family. Read why you should take the 2020 Census and how it affects your neighborhood in the future. Check out HAC's 2020 vision and get an update on the Links to Opportunity Streetscape Design that will transform MLK Jr. Way after the Hilltop Link is completed.

Tenant's Rights hit the front page sparked by Tiki Apartments organizing for tenant rights. People's Community Center history is shared and how Hilltop Artists helped pass the Tacoma Creates Initiative. Read about the G Street Neighbors and an interview with the Walkers about their ministry on the Hilltop. The Read2Me Program at McCarver Elementary celebrates 30 years! Read about the Hilltop leaders in the Black History Mural at 11th and MLK Jr. Way.

Read about Hilltop seeking a Creative District designation and a Links to Opportunity update. Find out about the 2018 Hilltop Street Fair and National Night Out. Read the winning submission from a Youth Historical Fiction competition called, "Nettie Asberry, My Hero" and get information about the MLK Mural, Peoples of the Hilltop. Take a tour at Tacoma Tofu and hear about Grit City Co-op, coming soon to the Hilltop!

The Hilltop Action Journal Won First Place at 2018 NUSA!

Hilltop business updates are provided for LeLe's, the Black Door Wine Company and The Red Elm. Read about HAC's Annual Luncheon and the Hilltop Street Fair! Find out about the Tacoma Link Extension Hilltop Engagement Committee and read poems and short stories from Write253. Read about BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag - and more about sustainable shopping. Read about Bay Terrace's ribbon cutting ceremony for 144 apartments in the Hilltop neighborhood.

Celebrate the election of Victoria Woodards as the new Mayor of Tacoma! Find out about the anonymous million dollar gift received by a historic Tacoma church. Read about the Little Lincoln Abes Football Program and about Tacoma's roller derby team the Jammers and Blockers. The Hilltop Business Association shares a year in review and the Poverty Summit promotes action plns to lift residents out of poverty. Read how Hilltop students helped design the new streetscape.

This issue shares Dionne Bonner's art exhibit, Hilltop Stories: Visual & Audio Reflections, on view at the Handford Virtual Gallery and explains how one can participate in the Virtual Hilltop Holiday Crawl that supports local businesses. Read about how Gilda Sheppard's film, Since I Been Down, won the 2020 Social Justice Film Festival Feature Documentary Gold Prize! Check out T.U.P.A.C. on the Hilltop and how to get involved in the housing conversation.

Read about the People's Park Mural and an interview with Kay Little's at Bob's B-B-Q Pit. Pierce County homelessness data is available along with an open letter from the director of Coffee Oasis. Find out how homelessness threatens education and how MultiCare and Habitat for Humanity teamed up for affordable housing. Read how Graduate Tacoma celebrated an 89% graduation rate and learn out about The Black Collective organization.

Hilltop Action Coalition

The Communications Anchor of the Hilltop Area

This issue give tribute to the many peaceful protests in Tacoma in response to the recent deaths of black people at the hands of police. You'll find an article on 6 Feet in the Street at People's Park and read Bethany 'B.Lyte' Montgomery's poem, "I Can't Breathe." Deputy Mayor Keith Blocker shares community resources at the May 18th, HAC Virtual Monthly Community Meeting, video link included. You'll read about the Hilltop Lofts housing project at Earnest S Brazill ST and MLK Jr. Way.