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Inside Tacoma with Randall Lewis - Interviews Council Member Blocker November 2017 Video

Randall Lewis, the City of Tacoma's Government Relations Officer, and Council Member Keith Blocker, from District 3, discussed a variety of topics in this interview; the City of Tacoma's Disparity Study, Immigrant Defense Fund, Tacoma Housing Authority, the ever increasing need for affordable housing, and solutions for those who are experiencing homelessness. Click here to watch the video.

Neighborhood Moment - 2019 Hilltop Business Association District

2019 Hilltop Business Association District's "Neighborhood Moment” focuses on what's buzzing on the Hilltop - new businesses and fresh ideas. Hilltop Business Association has been here since 1995 and has grown tremendously. With Sound Transit coming to the Hilltop in 2022, we are seeing a future of growth. Watch this video to find out more about the Hilltop!

Neighborhood Moment - New Tacoma Neighborhood Council May 2018 Video

On this episode of New Tacoma Neighborhood Council's "Neighborhood Moment” host Tom Ebenhoh interviews Samantha Lake and Traci Kelly on community involvement. using social media accessibility, building development and encouraging new, affordable housing projects. Click here to watch the video.

Business Matters - Hilltop Business Association, Nov. 2016

Connecting people to business is what Tacoma is all about. The city's business districts each have their own footprint of stores, restaurants, entertainment and business interactions. Overlooking Tacoma’s downtown from high above is the Hilltop Business Association. Click here to watch the video.

Community Information & Resources for the Hilltop Area

"Being informed is a result of wanting to know more."

We are happy to host an archive of various publications & resources relating to the Hilltop Area for ease of use by our community. The Hilltop Business Association, the City of Tacoma, and Pierce County provide interesting publications.

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Neighborhood Moment - New Tacoma Neighborhood Council October 2018 Video

Tacoma is made up of eight unique neighborhood councils-each representing a diversity of community visions, goals and actions. New Tacoma's "Neighborhood Moment” host Tom Ebenhoh talks one-on-one with Amber Monson who launched a new series of waterfront summer concerts and community events along the Foss Waterway. Click here to watch the video.

Neighborhood Moment - Central Neighborhood Council October 2018 Video

On this episode of the Central Neighborhood Council's "Neighborhood Moment” host Charles Mann talks with Angie Lokotz with the 6th Avenue Business District. Angie is the business district's manager and provides a snap-shot on how the district and the Central Neighborhood Council work together on bettering the community, while helping business growth in the area. Click here to watch the video.

Neighborhood Moment - New Tacoma Neighborhood Council October 2017 Video

Tom Ebonhoh, New Tacoma Neighborhood President, interviewed HAC President, Brendan Nelson, and HBA Manager, Mario Lorenz, to discuss Hilltop's history, current activities and future endeavors. Click here to watch the video.

Neighborhood Moment - New Tacoma Neighborhood Council May 2019 Video

New Tacoma's "Neighborhood Moment” focuses on a one-on-one discussion on what grassroots involvement is all about. Host Amber Shirk talks with Bill Garl on a variety of neighborhood topics relating to branding and getting the word out to what's happening in New Tacoma. Click here to watch the video.

Neighborhood Moment - Central Neighborhood Council January 2019 Video

Central's "Neighborhood Moment" features co-hosts Charles Mann and Luis Alonzo with a presentation on how to activate and view Central Neighborhood Council meetings on Facebook Live. Click here to watch the video.

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